If the question you are looking for is not on this list, please contact the office.

Maintenance Requests 

Over Telephone :

Please call the office at 908.757.7015 and leave a brief message describing your problem or request along with your unit number and telephone number.

Over Email :

Please email the office at westgate1@optonline.net

Frequently Asked Questions

Westgate Square Association Public Offering Statement?

To view the Public Offering Statement, please Click Here. Please note that this is a very large PDF file (approx 78 pages) it will take time to load. Please scroll to also check these amendments below.

Amendment to Master Deed.

Resolution re DCA Inspection.

Resolution re delinquent accounts.

Resolution re parking and towing.

Storm doors - What is approved and where can I get one?

Please refer to Rules and Regulations booklets, page 3, for specifications and person to install.  Please call the office if you do not have a booklet

Caulking needed around windows

Please call the office at 908-757-7015 and leave your unit number and your phone number.

Gates - is the association responsible or the homeowner?

The homeowner is responsible. Please call the office at 908-757-7015 for specifications and leave your phone number and your unit number.

Concrete Patios

Hairline cracks can be filled in.  For other major cracks, patios may need to be replaced.  Please call the office at 908-757-7015.

Recommendations for plumbers, air conditioning companies, carpet, tile, cabinetry, handyman

Please look through the Yellow Pages or on the Internet.  Please be sure that your contractor has full insurance.  Have them supply you with a certificate of insurance prior to starting work on your home.

Square footage of your home

Approximately 1,200-1,500 square feet.  For exact measurements, look through your Public Offering Statement and see the layouts of the rooms with the sizes and add them up.

If you need another copy of the Public Offering Statement/Master Deed

You can obtain it from www.condocerts.com

Rules and Regulations - if you need another copy

Please call the office at 908-757-7015 and leave a message with your unit number.  We will deliver another booklet to you at no charge.  Or, go to the  RULES AND REGULATIONS link on the website and click the link to view, search or print the booklet online.

Satellite Dish

pdf Please click here to view / print


If your unit did not come with skylights, you cannot install skylights.  However, when the Association starts re-roofing in the living room areas, if you wish to install skylights at your own cost (only in the living room and 2 are required), you can just let us know that you want them and we can arrange to have them installed at your cost when we re-roof with our contractor.

Flower Boxes

Specific flower boxes have been approved.  Please see your Rules and Regulations booklet.  We may have flower boxes in stock.  Please call the office at 908-757-7015 for cost and availability.  Also, please see the RULES AND REGULATIONS for how to arrange them on your unit.


If you would like a copy of our Master Insurance Policy or Certificate of Insurance, please call our agent at Boyarin, Hourigan and Blumdella at 800-596-5252.

Refinancing and need a questionnaire filled out

Please refer www.condocerts.com. Please call Executive Property Management's main office at 732-821-3224 to arrange have this completed.  There is a charge to have this done.

Garbage collection

Garbage is collected Tuesday and Friday mornings.  In the event of a holiday, pick-up will be the following day.  PLEASE do not put your garbage out earlier than the night before pick-up!  Your garbage must be put out in a can, with a lid.  After pick-up, empty cans must be brought in the same day.

Extra Garbage Pickup

Please call Midco/Republic – 732-545-8988 special pick up or 732-565-5874 to arrange for pick-up at your expense.


Recycling is mandatory in our state.  Scheduled pick-up days are every other Wednesday.  Please separate glass and cans and tie all newspapers.  The bottles and cans must be in a plastic container and put out by your garage door.  You may call Edison Township at 732-248-7304 for a recycling schedule.  Or, to see the schedule online : pdf icon

Clubhouse Rental

Our clubhouse can be rented by Westgate Square homeowners only.The rent is $200     The clubhouse has 90 chairs, 6 round tables (that seat 8 to 10 people each) and 5 long (rectangular) tables.  The room holds 100 people, and it has air conditioning.  For availability, please call the office at 908-757-7015.  Home Owners are required to submit a $500 refundable security deposit and are required to forward a copy of the Home Owner's insurance indicating $500,000 HO liability . Then they are required to sign a CH agreement.    For those who are renters in Westgate, you must have the owner's signature as well as your own signature on the Clubhouse Rental Agreement.
Clubhouse Rentals can be used for parties only (birthdays, wedding showers, etc.)  Business meetings or other non profit or for profit functions are strictly prohibited.  Clubhouse rental does not include the use of the playground, pool or tennis courts for your guests.  You must be a Westgate Square owner in good standing to rent the Clubhouse.  Violations of these rules will suspend your clubhouse renting privileges indefinitely and you will forfeit your security deposit. 

Roof leaks, Chimney leaks, etc.

Please call the office at 908-757-7015.

Basement leaks

Please call the office at 908-757-7015.  The Association can do some things on the exterior such as re-grading, cleaning gutters, etc.  However, as a homeowner, you will need to do some things as well.  We will explain further when you call the office.

Lights out on the exterior (common areas)

Please call the office and we will replace any bulbs that have burned out.

Patio or front door lights are out

This is a homeowner responsibility.  The Association has light fixtures in stock at a cost of $18 per fixture.  You can buy the lights and have an electrician install them.

Electrical outlet not working on patio

This is a homeowner responsibility.  Please call an electrician.

Electrical problems/panel problems in your home

This is a homeowner responsibility.  Please call an electrician.

Outside deck or balcony problems

Please call the office at 908-757-7015.

Glass panes on sliding glass doors are clouded

When the condensation reaches a level of 40-50%, the Association will replace the glass.  For condensation less than 40% =the homeowner can replace or wait for the condensation to increase to 40% and the Association will replace.

Windows not working properly or locks not working

This is a homeowner responsibility.

Pool hours

The pool is open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.  Please refer to your Rules and Regulations booklet for pool rules.

Tennis courts

Tennis courts are open from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily.  You must sign in by the tennis courts.  A key is necessary.  Please pick up the key at the office, or make arrangements to pick it up by calling 908-757-7015.  There is a charge of $5.00 for a lost key.  Please see the Rules and Regulations booklet under Tennis for additional rules.


A key is necessary to access the playground.  Please stop by the office to pick it up.  If you lose the key, there will be a $5.00 charge.


Each unit has been allocated two parking places -- one in the garage and one assigned space in the courtyard parking lot.  If you require additional parking, you must park only on Westgate Drive.  There is no parking permitted curbside, in entrances, in front of the garages or in other residents' parking spaces.  These areas must remain open to enable emergency vehicles access to all units.  If you park in prohibited areas, you risk having your vehicle towed at your own expense and/or having fines assessed to your account!  Additionally, it is your responsibility to inform your guests or visitors that they must park on Westgate Drive, rather than infringing on your neighbors parking places.  If your vehicle has been towed due to it being illegally parked, please call towing at 732-662-4540.


Screens are a homeowner responsibility.  You can reach a contractor who installs news screens at 732-846-0211 or you can get your own screens at Ace Hardware or Home Depot and re-screen your frames.

Outside spigots

This is a homeowner responsibility.  Please call a plumber if your spigot is leaking or not working properly.

Outside electrical outlets

This is a homeowner responsibility.  Please call an electrician.

Additional insulation over the garage

If you wish to put additional insulation between above your garage, please check into "blown insulation" under Insulation Contractors in the Yellow Pages.


Only New Construction Windows are permittted to be installed by homeowner. Please contact the office for approved installers and for modification forms as well as additional paperwork that is required. No windows are permitted to be installed without permission from the Board of Directors.