If you can volunteer some of your time and/or if you have any ideas to for the Recreation/Social Committee. We welcome any comments.


You can contact
Mr. Vinod Jain
Phone   : 732.983.0965
Email    : vinodjyoti@hotmail.com



West-Gators Volleyball team were recently made it to the Runner-ups of a tournament. Read all about it here

Social Committee 

One of our residents, Mr. Vinod Jain has volunteered and has been appointed by the Board of Directors to organize a Social Committee.

Mr. Jain has donated a ping pong table to the clubhouse. Community members are requested to bring their own racket and ping pong balls.  Members can bring their own board games like Scrabble, Sequence, Cards, Chess, etc.

Social and Recreational activities initiated by this committee include Halloween Parade and Yoga. 

Wine & Cheese Party : Feb 2017